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Supervision & Inter-Vision Services Offered

The world of psychotherapy, both in the Public Sector and in Private Practise can be a lonely and sometimes disempowering experience. Coming out of internship into community service, psychologists often lose the support necessary to professionally grow, especially when they are expected to provide a specialised service for communities in structures that do not understand how mental health works or what is required. The setting up of a private practise can itself be daunting and lonely. It is often equally difficult to find support, especially when setting up within a “saturated market”.

As a psychotherapist we know how important it is to keep our countertransference in check. However, in an often disempowering and difficult working environment this becomes tricky. We are often advised to go into psychotherapy ourselves, but sometimes accessibility to psychologists that are not our colleagues or referring partners is impossible.

I have had more than a decade of experience working within the Public Sector, as both clinician and as supervisor. I have worked within specialised mental health care (voluntary and involuntary), Child and Adolescent Mental Health Care, and Forensics. Further, I have experience in Addiction focused psychotherapy, specifically in Dual Diagnosis. I have chaired the Psychology Professionals in Public Service Division of PsySSA since 2016 and have been involved in empowering and advocating for the rights and quality of care for vulnerable communities.

Herewith I offer support and mentorship for any psychology professionals in the form of supervision and intervision. I specialise in individuals post-internship, specifically those serving communities where accessibility to mentorship is sparse. However, the service is open to any psychology professional that is aiming to keep their countertransference in check. For the sake of accessibility, sessions will be online and can be in the form of both individual supervision and group supervision.

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