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South African Psychology’s Response/ability: Crisis or Catharsis?
The discipline of Psychologyin South Africa is experiencing a period of significant stress defined largely by how the identity and role of the Psychology professional is constructed. As a profession that focuses on individual and societal wellbeing, Psychology professionals have a response/ability to inform research, policy and practice for the betterment of all in society. This compels Psychology to engage with the transformation to a more socially relevant discipline in training and practice. Yet Psychology professionals in South Africa are challenged by issues of Scope of Practice wherein the emphasis is on differentiating the roles of professionals, rather than focusing on the core responsibilities of all Psychology professionals as outlined in the Scope of the Profession, including ethical practice and responsiveness to societal issues. This begs the question as to what the response/abilities of the Psychology profession and professionals are and should be.

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PsySSAwritten response on the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill
PsySSA was formed in 1994 and is the representative body for psychology professionals in South Africa. PsySSA is a registered non-profit organization anda voluntary professional association, the largest in psychology on the African continent,with 11 special interest divisions, 12 standing committees and provincial branches. Governance oversightis provided in between Annual General Meetings by Council and an Executive Committee. PsySSA membership includes all psychologists (clinical, educational, counselling, research, industrial, and neuropsychology), psychometrists, registered counsellors, andpsychology studentsregistered with the HPCSA. We are a non-partisan, unifying organization for all psychology professionalsthat seeks to advance South African psychology as a science and professionof global stature,and promote psychological praxis which is relevant, proactiveand responsive to societal needs and well-beingwithin our context. PsySSA therefore has a vested moral, social and clinical interest in the NHI generally,and in related psychological services more specifically.

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Autonomy in a time of Covid-19

When I think of autonomy, I think of that iconic scene in the movie Braveheart, where William Wallace (Mel Gibson) delivers a rallying speech to his Scottish countrymen about to face the attack of their oppressors. He finishes his sterling address with the following line: “They may take our lives, but they may never take our freedom”. A true goosebump moment that lives long in my memory. Resonating with its viewers.

Who’s afraid of Big Fake News: How the expert lost her voice

Information is all around us. Social media platforms keep us informed of the latest developments. You would assume that this continuous access to the latest knowledge would make us smarter and more informed. Unfortunately, it has also created an explosion of fake news, conspiracy theories, and misinformation, often based on prejudice.

Autonomy in a time of Covid-19
Autonomy in a time of Covid-19

Autonomy in a time of Covid-19 By Psychological Society of South Africa on 12 May 2020 By Daniel den Hollander When I think of autonomy, I think of that iconic scene in the movie Braveheart, where William Wallace (Mel Gibson) delivers a rallying speech to his Scottish...

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